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Sidewalls and Buckets

Conveyor Belt Cleats, Buckets, Sidewalls and Profiles

Tide Industrial provides cleats for conveyor belt along with buckets and sidewalls in PVC, Rubber and Urethane to help convey your product.  Many of these profiles are especially helpful on incline belts, for carrying product up inclines and for product separation.  Conveyor belt cleats including tee cleats, lug and scoop cleats can be added to most conveyor belts.  Molded Chevron, crescent and other patterns can come molded into your belts for superior service.  Elevator Buckets can be added to many belts with a variety of hole and bucket configurations to transfer and discharge your product or aggregate.  To help keep material on your belt, we offer Conveyor Belt Sidewalls to maximize effectiveness of your belting system.  Belt cleats and sidewalls can be added to our complete line of replacement conveyor belts.

Conveyor Belt Cleat Profiles


Scoop Cleat

Conveyor Belt Tee Cleat

Tee Cleat

Belt Flange Cleat

Flange Cleat

Beefy Cleat

Beefy Cleat

Lug Belt Cleat

Lug Cleat


Chevron Cleat


Thin Cleat

A-Section Cleat

A-Section Cleat

Additional Conveyor Belt Cleats

Replacement Conveyor Belts

Incline Chevron


Chevron Belt


Tee Cleat Belt

Tee Cleat

Tee Cleat

Bucket Elevator Supplier

Bucket Elevator

Lug Cleat

Lug Cleat


Bucket Cleat Profile

Custom Belt Cleat

Versa Cleat

Conveyor Belt Sidewall

Conveyor belt sidewalls are raised edges or walls that are attached to the sides of a conveyor belt. They provide additional containment and support for materials being transported on the belt, preventing spillage or product loss. The sidewalls can be made from various materials such as rubber, PVC, or urethane, and are typically designed to withstand the specific requirements of the application. By increasing the height of the belt edges, conveyor belt sidewalls improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the belting system by ensuring that materials stay on the belt during transportation.


Belt Sidewall

Weldwall Sidewall

Belt Sidewall

Black Sidewall

Belt Sidewall

White Sidewall

Belt Sidewall

Belt with Sidewall

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