conveyor belt for live bottom trailers

Conveyor belts for live bottom trailers provide a great combination of efficiency and precision in the transportation of bulk commodities.  These types of trailers are revolutionary when hauling loose materials such as aggregates, agricultural products, mulch, waste and recycling materials. Many live bottom trailers use an innovative conveyor belt system, also known as a moving floor, to unload material from the bottom of the bed out the back.  The conveyor belt system can be constructed from metal slats and/or conveyor belts made from durable reinforced rubber. This system offers some key advantages over traditional dump trailers. 

Seamless, Controlled Unloading:
Live bottom trailers which utilize conveyor belt technology, allows for a seamless and efficient unloading process. Unlike conventional dump trailers that rely on tipping or dumping, the moving floor system enables continuous unloading without the need for elevation changes.  This unique feature ensures a smooth and controlled flow of cargo.

Versatility in Various Environments:
Another standout features of live bottom trailers is their adaptability to diverse environments. The use of conveyor belts eliminates the constraints associated with limited overhead clearance or uneven ground. Traditional dump trailers may encounter difficulties in areas with low ceilings or sloped terrain, but live bottom trailers can easily navigate these obstacles. The ability to operate in a variety of environments enhances their versatility and makes them a preferred choice in industries such as agriculture, construction, waste management and recycling.

Safety First:
Live bottom trailers with conveyor belt systems can offer several safety advantages over traditional dump trailers. The risk of tip-over accidents is significantly reduced since the cargo is unloaded through the moving floor system rather than through tipping or dumping. This stability and balance ensure a secure unloading process, even on uneven or sloped surfaces. This can minimize the risk of accidents and contribute to a safer work environment.

Precise and Controlled Unloading:
Conveyor belt technology empowers operators with precise control over the unloading process. The moving floor system allows for adjustable speed and direction, ensuring a controlled and even distribution of cargo. This capability is particularly useful when working in confined spaces or when a consistent flow of material is required. The controlled unloading not only reduces wastage but also improves the efficiency of downstream operations, such as processing or packaging.

Commodities Transported:
Live bottom trailers with conveyor belt systems are designed to transport a wide range of loose materials with various advantages. Some of these can include:

Consistent and controlled flow of commodities like grains, seeds, fertilizers and powdered materials.

Gentle and continuous unloading of agricultural products like corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, animal feed, and other harvested crops.

Consistent and powerful hauling and unloading of waste and recycling materials include solid waste, construction debris, glass, paper, cardboard and metal.

Precise control and distribution of mulch, wood chips, pellets and other consumer products.

Durable controlled delivery of construction materials, asphalt and aggregates like sand, gravel and crushed stone.

The range of products that can be carried and delivered are diverse with live bottom trailers.  The versatility and efficient unloading provided by these trailers give them many advantages in loose material transportation sectors. The use of conveyor belts in the floor enables seamless cargo flow.  Whether it is bulk commodities, agricultural products, waste or recycling materials, live bottom trailers with conveyor belts offer a superior solution across many industries.

Makes and Models:
Some popular manufacturers and models of live bottom trailers with conveyor belt systems:

MAC Trailer Manufacturing, East Manufacturing Trailers, Trail King Industries Live Bottom Trailers, Wilson Trailer Company, CPS Trailers Bottom Dump Walking Floor, Warren Walking Floor Trailer, Trout River Flowboy Trailer, Etnyre Live Bottom Trailers.

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