Hot Asphalt Belt and High Heat Conveyor Belting

Tough, strong, reinforced nitrile belting used as in applications where higher temperature and oil resistance is required.  Excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility in temps up to 350F in many applications. Generally used in hot and oily applications especially as conveyor belting for oil treated coal, oily grains and as a hot asphalt belt for conveying hot asphalt and as wear parts on hot asphalt trucks. 

Hot Asphalt Belting

P/N 5-2734 - 2PLY Hot Asphalt Belting

Specs: 2 PLY, Black, 0.360″ Thk, NBR Compound Belt, Polyester/Nylon Reinforcement, Work Tension 220 lbs PIW, Rec Temp Range -20F to 350F.

Attributes:  Medium duty 2ply made for a combination of high temp and oil resistance.  Abrasion resistant and also flexible at higher temperatures.

Applications:  Popular for conveying hot asphalt and as truck and machine wear parts for deflecting hot asphalt.

Hot Asphalt Belt

P/N 5-3734 - 3PLY Hot Asphalt Belt

Specs: 3 Ply, Black, 0.410″  Thk, NBR Compound Belt, Polyester/Nylon Reinforcement, Work Tension 330 lbs PIW, Rec Temp Range -20F to 350F.

Attributes:  High temp and oil resistant NBR, abrasion resistant and retains flexibility at higher temperatures.

Applications:  Commonly used as hot asphalt belt for carrying hot asphalt and other applications where oil is a factor including oily grains, oil treated coal and sewage treatment.

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Lacing, Cleats and Custom Belts for Hot Asphalt Conveyors

Shown here are just some of our more popular Hot Asphalt Conveyor Belts.   Tide Industrial carries many more belts and belting solutions. Please contact us for additional options and support.

Hot Asphalt Conveyor Belts can come in bulk without lacing, recessed or skived, vulcanized endless or with various mechanical belt lacing options to your exact overall size.  Lacing types can include Rivet Hinge, Rivet Plate, Bolt Hinge, Bolt Plate, Flexco Staple, Alligator Lacing and Plastic Lacing.  We also offer numerous belt cleat options, sidewalls and other profiles for incline conveying, product control and other conveyer belt requirements.

milling asphalt belt

* The data contained here are approximate values dependent on belt dimensions, application and environment and is for reference only. It is believed to be reliable, but no representations, guarantees or warranties of any kind are made to its accuracy or suitability for any particular purpose. It is recommended that users conduct their own evaluations for the intended application.