Snowplow Deflector Flaps and Wear Parts

Conveyor Belting can be custom cut and processed into snowplow deflector flaps and many reinforced products to meet your wear and protection requirements.  Belting strips can be made for commercial trucks, snow plows and heavy machines.  We make snow plow deflectors, truck flaps, skirting, deflectors and other wear parts.  Conveyor belting is uniquely fitted with multiple layers of fabric and strong top and bottom covers.  Additional feature such as varying surface textures, strong outer covers, oil resistance, tear resistance and abrasion resistance are all available to improve product life.  Check out our selections of snowplow deflectors and other products below.

snow plow deflector

Snowplow Deflector Flaps

Snow plow deflectors are made from Heavy Duty Reinforced 2PLY Rubber Belting Material.  These are often used for top of plow blades to help deflect snow down and away from windshield area. Common sizes include 3/8 and 1/2 Thk x 12″ Wide but can be made in nearly any custom width and lengths. Our 2 PLY Reinforced Belt material offers excellent abrasion, tear and weather resistance. Useful for a variety of Truck and Machine Flaps and Skirting

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belt rubber strip

Wear Strips, Edge Guards and Bumpers

Reinforced rubber or plastic conveyor belt wear strips play a vital role in industries like manufacturing and logistics. They protect machinery from abrasion and impact, prolonging equipment life and reducing maintenance costs. These strips also serve as edge guards, bumpers, and protective coverings, enhancing safety and shielding against environmental hazards.


Common uses include:

Mud flaps, liners, flashing, wear protection, abrasion, bumpers, edge guards

belt rubber surface protection

Surface Protection, Mounting and Cushioning

Reinforced rubber strips protect surfaces from damage and impact, useful in dumpsters, furniture, and machinery. Their durability ensures effective protection in demanding settings. Rubber conveyor belt pads, used in industries like automotive and manufacturing, offer mounting stability, shock absorption, and vibration dampening. These strips, sheets, and pads also reduce vibration transmission and noise, enhancing performance and minimizing wear. 

Common uses include:

Surface protection for asphalt, concrete, warehouse, lawn protection from heavy equipment, machinery mounts, leveling, toolbox liner, cushioning, support, anti vibration, sound control and dampening, sealing, diy residential

belt rubber drape

Deflectors, Diverters and Drapes:

Belting strips, flaps, and drapes, used in commercial trucks, snow plows, and other equipment, direct or divert material away from key areas or in specific directions. Snow plow deflector flaps divert snow away from windshields, while flaps and drapes protect against aggregate transfer and spill-off. Drapes also contain debris in stump grinding. Custom mud flaps, made from conveyor belt material, prevent damage to trucks and nearby vehicles.

Common uses include:

Snow plow deflectors, deflectors , diveters, flaps, machine and equipment drapes, curtains, sweepers, skirting, mud flaps

Applications :

snowplow deflector

Reinforced Belt Strips


Custom Mud Flaps

snow plow deflector

Snow Plow Deflectors

Conveyor Belt for Mulch

Reinforced Flaps


Diverters and Guards

belt rubber surface protection

Surface Protection


Floor Protection


Sidewall and Skirtboard

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