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Tide Industrial Belting is a conveyor belt supplier offering Conveyor Belting, Replacement Belts, Lacing, Cleats and Accessories.  Inventory, custom builds, fabrication and shipping of conveyor belting and replacement conveyor belts for a variety of industries.  See all Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts in a belt conveyor system can carry a myriad of resources, raw material, work in process and finished goods. Belt conveyors consist of powered pulleys rotating to move a conveyor belt and its material.  Belt conveyor classes range from small part, material and package conveying to heavy duty bulk material handling of large volumes of resources and agricultural material.

Service and Luggage Belts

Conveyor Belt Solutions

Conveyor Belt Industries

Mining and Quarry conveyor belt supplier for quarries and excavating sand, gravel, stone and other aggregate.

Agriculture conveyor belt supplier for conveying fruits, vegetables, grains, wheat, rice, fertilizer and feed.

Recycling industry conveyor belt supplier including incline, sorting, magnetic and take away.

Manufacturing and Distribution conveyor belt supplier for an array of parts, product and packaging.

Food Industry belting including Bakery Belts, Meat, Seafood and more 

Many industries, many belts, many solutions.

Conveyor Belt Lacing, Cleats and Profiles

Many types of lacing and custom fabrication are possible to complete your conveyor belt setup.  Connecting conveyor belt ends into a loop is typically done with one of two basic methods — mechanical fasteners or and endless splice. Mechanical fasteners are generally a type of lacing such as staple, rivet and bolt hinge lacing on each end of the belt. These are often connected with a hinge pin which can make installation onto conveyors more accessible. Endless spliced joints use heat or chemicals to join the ends together. These are often vulcanized ends or lap or finger spliced and can provide high strength smooth, gap free joints.

Our Belting can be fabricated with a wide range of cleats and profiles. Cleated belts can help convey items up inclines and provide appropriate spacing between products. Available in Urethane, PVC and rubber for a range of applications and solutions. Popular cleat profiles include Scoop cleats, Tee Cleats, Lug Patterns, Beefy Cleat, Versa Cleats and bolt on cleats for field install.

Check out our many profiles and styles of Cleats, V-Guides, Flanges and Sidewalls, Bucket Elevators and custom configurations.

Conveyor Belt Cleat Supplier

Cleats and Sidewalls

Bucket Elevator Supplier

Elevator Buckets

Truck and Machine Wear Parts

Conveyor Belting can be fabricated into many reinforced products to meet demanding wear and protection requirements for Commercial Trucks, Snow Plow and Machines.  Parts including Flaps, Skirting, Deflectors and other Wear Parts can benefit from the multiple layers of fabric found in our conveyor belting.  Surface patterns, tough outer layers, oil resistance and tear and abrasion resistance are all options to improve the performance of your wear part requirements.  Check out our selection of Snow Plow Deflector Flaps in 1/2″ Thk 2PLY Belting.

snow plow flap supplier

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