Agriculture Belts - Farm, Nursery and Grain Conveyor Belts

Agriculture belts for farming, nurseries and other related conveying, processing, loading and bucket elevators.  Grain conveyor belts, baler belts and belts designed for corn, fruits, vegetables, feed, fertilizer, and seeds, are all part of our comprehensive selection of agricultural and farming belts. We also carry belts for moving plants, soil, seed and other materials within a wholesale nursery environment. Available chevron patterns and other cleated belts allow for product to convey on an incline without sliding. Bucket elevator belts that use strong light weight belts and plastic buckets can convey bulk products in an enclosed structure up a high rise for unloading. Additional Features like food grade reinforced belts, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, vegetable oil and animal fat resistance all compliment our our agricultural belt offerings.

Crescent Top Belt - P/N 3-3512

Specs: 1 Ply, Black, 0.240″ OAG, 0.140″ Rec OAG Thk, PVC Compound Belt, Interwoven Polyester Reinforcement, Work Tension 120 lbs PIW, Rec Temp Range 0F to 180F.

Attributes: Features an interwoven carcass with a 1/8″ high half moon crescent impression. Belt has a brushed bottom for a low coefficient of friction and oil resistant PVC compound. Also available in white and in heavier gauges.

Applications: Crescent Top Belt is popular in the agricultural industry for conveying various material and in the post office for moving small packages.

General Purpose Agriculture Belts - P/N 2-1151

Specs: 1 Ply, Black, 0.160″ +/- .015 Thk, PVC Compound Belt, Interwoven Polyester Reinforcement, Work Tension 150 lbs PIW, Rec Temp Range 0F to 180F.

Attributes: Medium duty, general purpose conveyor belt used on many belting systems.  Interwoven carcass plus brushed clean bottom surface for lower coefficient of friction.  High strength, tear resistance, low stretch.

Applications: Popular in many medium duty belt conveyors including recycling, fruits, vegetables, baggage, distribution and agriculture.

Grain Conveyor Belts - P/N 4-3005

Specs: 5 PLY, Tan, 0.270″ Thk, SBR Compound Belt, Cotton Reinforcement, Work Tension 175 lbs PIW, Rec Temp Range -40F to 250F.

Attributes: This belt is made with 5 plies of cotton bonded together with heavy SBR skims. Tan rubber cover help make this belt non-marking.

Applications:  Used in the feed and grain industry.  General purpose conveying and light duty elevators. Also can be used in heavy power transmission.

Vegetable and Potato Conveyor Belts - P/N 4-1111

Specs: 2 PLY, Black, 0.160″ Thk, PVC Compound Belt, Polyester Reinforcement, Work Tension 150 lbs PIW, Rec Temp Range -20F to 180F.

Attributes: Smooth satin finish both sides.  Resistant to oil, static and stretch.

Applications:  Can be used as a potato conveyer belt to convey potatoes.  Also for fertilizers, fruits, vegetables and wood products.

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Lacing, Cleats and Custom Belts for Agri and Grain Conveyors

Shown here are just some of our more popular white Agriculture and Grain Conveyor Belts.   Tide Industrial carries many more belts and belting solutions. Please contact us for additional options and support.

Grain Conveyor Belts can come in bulk without lacing, recessed or skived, vulcanized endless or with various mechanical belt lacing options to your exact overall size.  Lacing types can include Rivet Hinge, Rivet Plate, Bolt Hinge, Bolt Plate, Flexco Staple, Alligator Lacing and Plastic Lacing.  We also offer numerous belt cleat options, sidewalls and other profiles for incline conveying, product control and other conveyer belt requirements.Agricultire


Belt Spec Chart for Agri and Grain Belts

Type:Feed and GrainPotato and Vegetable
Description:5 Ply Tan Transmission HDPC2 B150 CBS
Nominal OAG:0.270″ +/- .0200.160″ +/- .015
Plies: 5 PLY2 PLY
Minimum Pulley Dia:8″2-1/2″
Top Surface:Friction SurfaceSmooth Satin
Bottom Surface:Friction SurfaceSmooth Satin
Work Tension:175 lbs PIW150 lbs PIW
Elongation:Less than 3%Less than 2%
Weight PIW/FT:.131 lbs0.091 lbs
Rec Temp Range:-40F to 250F-20F to 180F
Joining Method:Lap Splice; LacingDouble Finger Splice; Lap Splice; Lacing
Data Sheet:4-3005 4-1111

* The data contained here are approximate values dependent on belt dimensions, application and environment and is for reference only. It is believed to be reliable, but no representations, guarantees or warranties of any kind are made to its accuracy or suitability for any particular purpose. It is recommended that users conduct their own evaluations for the intended application.