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Reinforced rubber conveyor belt material can be used for much more than just conveyor belts.  PVC, Urethane and Rubber conveyor belt can be used as strips, pads and sheets as they are uniquely fitted for wear and surface protection in a variety of applications. Constructed with durable covers and layers of fabric reinforcement, they can withstand rigorous conditions, squeeze, tear and abrasion.

Conveyor belt reinforced material, as compared to non reinforced materials, offers several advantages that make it a better choice for many applications.  Durable top and bottom covers provide abrasion, wear, weather and impact resistance.  Layers of nylon or other fabric reinforcement provide strength and durability and allow it to withstand heavy loads, high tension and harsh operating conditions.  The structural integrity of the reinforcement can also stop tears, making it much more tear resistance than non-reinforced materials.  Combined, this can ensure longer service life which can reduce maintenance costs and improve overall operational efficiency

Reinforced rubber and pvc conveyor belt strips, pads and sheets can be used on a wide range of applications in wear and surface protection in many industries  including mining, construction, manufacturing and more.  Some of these specific uses include:

Anti-vibration pads, belting, bumpers, deflectors, diverters, equipment drapes, residential DIY projects, flaps, leveling, liners, mounts, mud flaps, pads, protection, machine curtains, skirting, snow plow deflector pads, sound control, strips, supports, sweepers, toolbox liner, wear protection, weather protection.

We further break down these applications into 3 categories.

Wear Strips, Edge Guards and Bumpers :

Rubber or plastic conveyor belt reinforced wear strips can prolong equipment life and minimize maintenance costs.  They play a vital role in industries such as manufacturing, landscaping and logistics. These strips are effective at protecting equipment and machinery components that experience constant contact, impact or sliding such as conveyors, chutes, guides and guards. The strong covers of the rubber conveyor belt strip provide resistance to abrasion and impact which can protect and prolong the lifespan of the equipment and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Reinforced rubber conveyor strips are commonly employed as edge guards and bumpers, offering impact resistance and protection against damage. Applied to the edges of doors, cabinets, shelves, machinery and equipment, these strips can absorb impact, abrasion and reduce the risk of injury.  They can also be utilized as protective coverings for machinery and equipment to shield against moisture, dust, chemicals, and electrical hazards.  This all can help minimize equipment and machinery damage and enhance safety.


Surface Protection, Mounting and Cushioning:

Reinforced rubber strips serve as protective barriers to safeguard surfaces from damage, scratches and impact. They can be used in applications where surface protection is required like with dumpsters, furniture, heavy equipment or machinery. The reinforced nature of these strips enhances their durability, resilience, load bearing and squeeze ensuring effective surface protection even in high-traffic or harsh environments. Reinforced rubber conveyor belt pads provide reliable mounting solutions and cushioning capabilities in industries including automotive, manufacturing and construction.  These pads or sheets provide stability and support for mounting components and securing objects while absorbing shock and dampening vibration and noise.

Strips, sheets and pads can also act as isolators or dampeners, minimizing the transmission of vibrations and providing noise control.  This type of mounting, cushioning and protection can enhance performance and reduce wear and tear.


Deflectors, Diverters and Drapes:

Belting strips, flaps and drapes can be fabricated for commercial trucks, snow plows, machinery and equipment and other commercial and residential uses.  They are key components in directing or diverting material or product away from key areas or in a desired direction. 

Snow plow deflectors flaps are often used at tops of plow blades to help deflect snow down and away from the windshield area.  Flaps and drapes also help protect trucks and heavy machinery from aggregate transfer and spill off.  Drapes are useful for stump grinding and other debris containment.  Custom mud flaps are made from conveyor belt material to prevent damage to trucks and surrounding vehicles. 

Reinforced pvc, urethane and rubber conveyor belt material can be custom cut to nearly any size, strip, sheet or pad.  These products can provide exceptional wear resistance, surface protection and versatile solutions for many applications across many industries.

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